Hacks On Living Happily In A Small House And Small Budget?

Living in a small home and not very happy about it? don’t be! Here are a few tips and hacks on being happy living in a small home and small budget… 

Keep the things down to a minimum – the last thing you want in your small home is to feel crowded and suffocated. Having too many things, there for allowing your home to get clutter, can make you feel this way. Knowing how to store things the right way can certainly help you deal with the clutter; but having less things to begin with is much easier. Apart from that, one thing you must learn if you are living in a small house, is to clean as you go. And this is regardless to whether it’s the mess you make in the kitchen or the bedroom.

  • Be innovative and creative – who says people living in small homes can’t pets or have a garden? You definitely can; if you’re creative enough! As for the plants, we suggest getting some indoor plants Sydney for sale; something pretty and simple enough to raise on your window sill. Do you like cooking? Then opt for herbs that can be grown in pots instead! As for the pets, one great option for you would be fish. Certain types like the Siamese fighter fish (or the Betta fish) are pretty low maintenance, and online require a small tank. Added to this, they can even be trained to perform certain tricks! How’s that for a mood booster?
    • Live dust free – living in a small space means you have relatively less things to clean. While this is generally considered a good thing, it can be a bad ting if you use the smallness of your space as an excuse not to clean very often; allowing dust to gather. If you are someone who like having plastic plants (as opposed to natural indoor plants) as decoration, these too can gather dust and make your space appear untidier than it is. If you really have to have these plastic green life in your home, make sure to place it in places out of reachso your home’s guests will have a harder time knowing if it’s real…or if it’s dusty.
      • Dust off your excess baggage – speaking of dusting off things, it’s very important for small home owners to frequently purge themselves of their extra baggage. People generally think of clothing when this topic is brought up; but mostly tend to forget clearing up electronics. Headphones that no longer work, extra wires you might have got for free, flash drives that don’t work…they all fall into this category.
        • Know how to upcycle your clothes – living with a small quantity of clothing can be surprisingly easy if you are creative and innovative enough. A great tip for someone who has a small cloth collection, is learn to accessorize wisely. It also pays to invest on that correct white shirt or black pencil skirt…