Taking Care Of Your Family Cars

You have a wonderful family, that loves you completes you and is your pride and joy. Then you have the crown jewel of your existence, your car. If you consider yourself to be a car fanatic there are steps you have to take to make sure your car is well taken care of and as sleek as it can be.

Mother nature is your car’s worst enemy

When not in use it’s best to shield your vehicle the best you can. If you live on a main or somewhat busy road, leaving your vehicle parked on the street will result in layers and layers of dust and mud as a result of passing cars. Your car being left exposed to the elements will reduce its longevity. Constant exposure to unrelenting sunlight causes damage to the paint especially that of the hood. There are covers one can purchase to place over the car to prevent severe sun damage. If you have more than one car it is advisable for there to be a garage inside your home. This will eliminate almost all unnecessary damage. If opening and closing a gate is too tiring and time consuming, garage door opener Melbourne are always an option. The pros of having a garage to park your cars are undeniable. Not only will your vehicle be safe from the elements but also from pests ranging from vermin and bugs to snakes who might crawl into the engine for shelter.

Rinse and repeat

Maintaining a family car is much more different than a sports car. In both cases however, maintenance and care pays off. Having a spotless interior when carpooling hungry children, driving rowdy German Shepherds to the vet and having bi-weekly grocery runs is impossible. Expecting children not to eat, dogs not to shed and juice not to spill is simply unrealistic. The tip is to clean messes as they happen. Don’t be hard on your children by demanding they don’t eat in the car. Be understanding and considerate of their feeling. Have a rule of them wiping their hands with wet wipes and cleaning up after themselves. Most experts recommend you take the car to the cleaners for an interior cleaning at least once every two weeks. But if that is too expensive, invest in a high-powered vacuum with an extendable hose. It’s very important that the interior is thoroughly vacuumed often, especially so if there are children as dust and animal fur can trigger asthma attacks.

Take it to the doctors

Your body is your temple. Regular checkups should be done to make sure everything is in tip top shape. Your car is no different! Learn to inspect your car, to know when it needs an oil change or fluids. But if the check engine is on, don’t whip out your phone and google what to do! Go to your mechanic! Leaks are never good, if something feels off when on your drive home from work trust your gut and get the car checked. It could be the difference between life and death. Don’t shut the roller doors of the garage and say it must be nothing as you might be putting your loved ones and everyone on the street at risk by doing so.

Maintaining and treating your vehicle with care will increase its longevity. Not only will it look well taken care of but it will also boost the quality of your drive, making being stuck in traffic for four hours after work bearable.